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Welcome to Your Lifetime Skin Partner

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and its importance can’t be understated. It’s the barrier that protects you from the outside world – it’s your body’s canvas – quite literally, your skin is how you touch the world.

We recognize how vital skin can be, and how vital it is to care for skin well. Our focus is on keeping your skin healthy, vibrant, beautiful, and amazing. Your skin is unique to you, more than a fingerprint, and it must be dealt with in a manner that recognizes all of this. You could say we go beyond skin care, in fact, and that for us the practice is skin reverence.

In founding our practice Dr. Edwin Ishoo looked beyond what other cosmetic practices and med spas offer. He started with skin – just skin – and added to that a deep focus on how great that skin can be. Because of this we’re not like anywhere else in Greater Boston and we’re far ahead of traditional facilities.

Stages of Care at Boston Cosmetic Specialists:

  • Step One: The Consult. Our on-site physician meets with you in a complimentary consultation to discuss your unique and specific needs and recommend a course of treatment tailored to you, your skin, and your needs.
  • Step Two: Treatment. We employ a host of the latest scientifically proven technologies to work in concert. You receive the most advanced options, personalized for your skin, as a comprehensive treatment.
  • Step Three: Home Care. A point of pride for our staff is educating every client we work with so they understand the unique needs of their skin and body, how the available treatments and technologies work, and how to continue caring for their skin at home.
  • Step Four: Follow-up. Your treatment is just the beginning. With home care guidelines and routine follow-ups with your physician we continue to focus on the health and vibrance of your skin well after your visit.

The Doctor is Always In

At Boston Cosmetic Specialists a physician is always present on-site during your treatment – in fact, you’ll meet with that physician at your first consult, he’ll perform the necessary treatments, and be available for follow-up care. Oversight by a trained, board-certified, nationally-recognized professional like Dr. Ishoo is central to your care and ensuring it’s the best possible.

Whether your visit is for irritation, blemishes, acne, or simply to look your best, Boston Cosmetic Specialists is your lifelong partner for healthy, vibrant, beautiful skin.

Ready to begin?

We offer a free consultation and assessment to determine how to best serve you in your quest for lifelong beauty. It’s the best 30-60 minutes you’ll spend all week. Call us at 888.875.1845 or complete our consultation form to get started.